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Upcoming Gigs

  • Third Man Theme/ The Flora, The Fauna/ Charles Hurts/ Jude Cornett – Menagerie, Belfast – Thursday 18th February 2011
  • New Blood 2011 – The Limelight Complex – Sunday 20th February 2011
  • Sons Of Robert Mitchum, The Lambing Season, Jude Cornett – Lavery’s Bunker, Belfast – Sunday 13th March 2011

Previous Gigs

  • Culture Night, Oh Yeah Centre, Belfast
  • Leigh Alderson Presents, “Stars of the Arts”, Market Place Theatre, Armagh
  • Common Grounds Café, Belfast
  • Sunday Strip Club, Pavilion Bar, Belfast
  • Halloween Hangover, Auntie Annies, Belfast
  • Busking!! Donegal Place