The Line-up:

Jude Cornett: Chanteuse/Keys

Russell Matbouli: Guitar/Programming/mumbling

John Macormac: Drum-alicious-ness

David McCabe: de-Bass-er


Jude Cornett is a lyrically driven singer/songwriter who creates atmospheric tracks. Her music and arrangements are primarily influenced by jazz, blues and soul, but she also explores other genres such as folk, rock and pop.  Her inspirations include old-school artists: Nina Simone; Billy Holiday; Otis Rush; and Joni Mitchell. As well as contemporary artists: Diana Krall; Paloma Faith; Lucy Silvas; and Paulo Nuitini. Her sound has also drawn comparisons to the theatrical, with references being made to Kate Bush and Bjork.

She enjoys short walks on the beach as she has an aversion to water, and was recently horrified to learn that raisins are poisonous to dogs after 13 years of feeding her loyal companion, Ben the Jack Russell Terrior, copious amounts of his favourite snack, Fig Rolls.


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